Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Goals

2012 Goals

To grow in joy, peace, and Jesus


To get down to 135 lbs. by:

1) doing 30 day shred

2) starting back up with weight watchers for at least 6 months

3) doing the 21 day refined sugar/junk food fast

4) training for, participating in Eppie’s Great Race

5) playing zumba on wii fit, and going to class when able

6) doing pilates, going to class when able

7) lose 32 lbs by 32 (August 11)

8) drink at least 64 oz. of water a day


To grow in my relationship with Jesus, specifically in the areas of listening to Him, and developing my gratitude and love, as well as work on my spiritual gifts by:

1) Continuing my 1000 gifts journal (1000 to be reached no later than June 1.) that may include spending time seeking out beauty in order to find something to be thankful for that day.

2) Spend time in silence everyday, at least 5 minutes, to get rid of the noise impairing my ability to hear the Lord.

3) continue to lead CBS core group (pray and reevaluate about leading in 2012-2013)

4) wake up early 5 days a week to spend with the Lord, at least 30 minutes (between 5:30-6 am)


With Isaac:

To grow in my love for him, to be submissive, supportive, and encouraging, by:

1) praying for him daily

2) sending encouraging notes, texts, emails at least 3 times a week

3) allow his word to be the final one more often

4) To not clam up when we disagree and respect him enough to have a conversation with him.

With Chloe:

To guide, teach, and love her in a kind and gentle manner, and enjoy who she is as we learn and grow together, by:

1) praying for her daily

2) counting to 10 before shouting at her, and praying in that moment

3) playing with her, the games that she wants to play, at least once a day

4) Disciplining in love, learning new ways instead of the go-to time out and spanking. look up and learn more about natural consequences

5) doing at least 1 art project a week with her

With Judah:

To guide, teach and love him in a kind and gentle manner, and enjoy who he is as we learn and grow together, by:

1) praying for him daily

2) spending undivided time with him, interacting and teaching him

3) encouraging him to explore his world safely

4) disciplining in love as it continues to be necessary, with prayer and explanation

5) taking him outside at least once a day on the days the weather permits to show him it is important to take care of his body


To care for our home in a godly way, and grow in learning and understanding of what God wants for me as the wife and mother of this family, and to be a good steward of what He has blessed us with, by:

1) buying bread only 1 time a month, making it when we run out

2) spending no more than $300 a month on groceries, diapers, and household items

3) making household items myself instead of buying them, to save money as well as to know what is going into these items

4) Participate in the 31 Days to an Organized Home challenge, starting no later than March 1.

5) Make at least 5 home-cooked meals a week, with enough leftover to provide Isaac with lunch the next day. Consider freezer meals 1x a month to make at least 1-2 meals a week this way. (Especially for Wednesdays.)

6) Make more things from scratch, including but not only: sauce, jam, snacks for kids, bread, creamer, rubs/spice packets, bisquick.


To find ways to enjoy myself and find the things that God has created me to enjoy, so I might be a better wife and mother, and remind those around me that all good and perfect gifts come from the Lord, by:

1) making more beauty products and finding what works well, (lotion, bath salts, scrubs, lip balm)

2) making tie blankets/hat for baby presents

3) Searching Pinterest for ideas, and actually making some of them.

4) investing in a hot glue gun- 12/27/11

5) spending at least 15 minutes a day reading a book for pleasure

6) blogging at least 1x a month

7) making at least online albums or possibly photo books, or printing pictures and making physical albums for the kids

8) taking more pictures of my family and friends, and seeking out moments that are worth capturing to see beauty and Jesus