Friday, September 16, 2011


For someone who boasts about having a good memory, I forget a lot of things. Mostly, I forget how good God is and all the amazing things He has done for me in the past, and His unfathomable love for me. I feel like if I just REMEMBER what He's done, Who He is, things would be so different. I would live my life acting like a child of God. I would be able to see through the annoyances and the things that don't go my way. I would have a heart of gratitude. I would live a gracious and loving life as I pass that on the to people around me- to give them a taste of remembrance of all God has done.
The Bible study I am doing with some ladies at church has us write down the things that we see God do in our everyday life. (I don't often do that.) As a family, we say what we are thankful for at the end of the day. I enjoy that time- especially seeing the world of thankfulness and gratitude through the eyes of a 3 year old. I also started doing #1000thanks on instagram, capturing all the little things I am thankful for throughout the day, to remind myself of all God has blessed me with. (See here for the explanation on how that started.)
So now? I want to remember. I always want to remember. Even with a baby crying in the background. God is good. I have a baby that is crying. Not everyone can say that. I have a family that loves me, and little people God has entrusted to my care. I have a home (that is always too messy for my taste). But, I have a home. I live in a place that I can worship freely. I have a God who loved me and those like me enough to save me, and wiped the slate clean for me. How can I forget?

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